Parts for Children

Oliver requires several children:

Oliver Twist: Workhouse boy. Must be able to sing and deliver lines with musicality and a clear understanding of the dialogue.

The Artful Dodger: Fagin's protege. Cheeky chappy - mid teens, befriends Oliver.

Other children: About 12 boys for Fagin's Gang: these should ideally be boys, but girls can audition on the understanding that boys will be given preference. Plus about 6 girls for other scenes.

These parts will be cast by open auditions on the morning of 3rd February 2013.

Full details of the requirements and auditions for the children are in the Audition Pack. An extract from this is available in a PDF file downloadable here. If you do not already have the acrobat reader or equivalent, you can download it from adobe.

There are no pre-audition rehearsals for the children. Everything will be done on the morning of the auditions, ie Sunday 3rd February, but please note that you must register in advance in accordance with the instructions to receive the detailed audition information. Additional entrants cannot be accepted at the audition.




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